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On a snowy Christmas Eve in 2005, chef Patrizia Spafford was preparing a feast for a private client. He respected and enjoyed her delectable creations so much that he suggested she bring her culinary expertise and innovative style to a broader audience. Soon after, Patrizia opened a fabulous little shop on Audrey Avenue in the charming and historic hamlet of Oyster Bay. The rest, as they say, is history... 

With an emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients, expert preparation and creative presentation, Executive Chef & Proprietor Patrizia Spafford and her staff make each meal and catered event a memorable occasion and unique culinary experience.

Today, Periwinkles Catering & Café offers a comfortable sit-down coffee bar with snacks and full lunch menu; Gourmet To Go, high quality meals prepared to be taken home; and full service event planning and catering.  With a menu that includes no artificial ingredients and always reflects the changing seasons and the bounty of the harvest, Periwinkles has a dynamic and creative menu. Make sure you check back often for new and different offerings. And let Patrizia and her team make your next event your greatest event with their uniquely personalized menu plans, impeccable service and attention to detail.   ​

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